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Honeywell ph samplergt4

Portable gas tight large volume Sampler up to 1.8 liter sampling capacity in one single operation

The HERMetic Sampler GT4 is designed for closed gas tight sampling of liquids which present a Fire-, Health- or Airpollution Hazard. The sampler housing is mounted on top of the HERMetic 4" deck valve. The transfer of the liquid from the sampling bottle to a laboratory bottle occurs by opening the transfer valve at the bottom of the sampler.
  • Easy installation on 4" vapour control valve
  • The sampling height can be read from the graduated tape
  • The sampling bottle can be easily removed by opening the top of the sampler housing.
  • No toxic emission during sampling
  • No gas release during operation
  • The unit can be purged with inert gas before and/or after sampling
  • The sampler is delivered with a zone sampling bottle if not otherwise specified. Additional spot, bottom or running sampling bottles are available

Technical specifications

Principle of installation

A sampler dedicated to your application:

The HERMetic Sampler GT4 is dedicated for cIosed sampling of liquids and where more than 0.5 litre of liquid is needed. lts gas tight construction avoids a pressure release from the tank and exposure to fumes during operation.